It all started when I first expressed my interest to draw at just 2 years old. Growing up and throughout my education I was able to follow the path of creativity and study everything from charcoal figure drawing, sculpting, and photography to design, marketing and branding. In my professional career this led to the opportunity to work with some great people like Giorgio Armani and Flavio Manzoni at Ferrari.

Originally from Serbia, I completed my design education in Sweden and worked for 10 years in Switzerland before moving to NYC. Exposure to various cultures and aesthetics has been key in defining who I am as a designer and is something I feel lucky to be able to share with the teams and brands I work on.

Since 2012 I have been the creative lead at Movado Group overseeing the product design and process for licensed brands. In this role, I work with both cross-functional internal and brand teams across design strategy, trends, visual identification, all the way through samples and production.

The Design Process

Over the past two years I worked on and successfully implemented a streamlined design process at Movado across cross-functional departments and systems, ultimately leading to better product and profit results.

The simple yet crucial process is driven by the belief that a successful product does not start and end with a great innovative design, but is the result of this along with upfront collaboration, communication and alignment that is optimized for efficiency.


For the past few years I have had the privilege to teach and mentor talented industrial design students at Montclair State University (New Jersey). Over the course of a semester the class provides hands on training, technique and constructive feedback to help finesse their skills and prepare them for a career in design.


I received my Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design from University of Applied Arts and Design (Serbia) and my Masters Degree in Advanced Product Design from Umea University (Sweden)